there are five extra bodies (actually, six) sleeping here tonight. those from the yellow house down the street decided to stay here for a “sleepover” of sorts. it’s not the kind where you stay up all night giggling about cute sixteen-year-old boys and it’s definitely not the kind where everyone gets facials (although a certain young father joked about that). it’s the kind where we cram around a table and remind ourselves a bit more of “Cheaper By The Dozen”. it’s the kind where the girls are in the kitchen frosting cookies while the boys are doing who knows what after dinner. it’s the kind where we all watch “While You Were Sleeping” and then sit together afterwards. it’s the family kind — the kind i like best.

this is the first christmas she’ll be away from home. i kissed her goodbye and knew that it would there would be an odd feeling with her missing from our day this year. she’s the oldest — she’s always supposed to be around. who will wake us up this year to tell us when we came get our stockings? it’ll just be strange.

christmas is coming and i’m getting excited.

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  1. “there are five extra bodies (actually, six)… from the yellow house down the street…”

    hmm… maybe it’s just me but that sounds suspicious… lets see… Daniel makes 1, Brietta makes 2, Gabriel makes 3, Bronwyn makes 4, Jackson makes 5….

    anyone wanna claim #6?

  2. It sounds wonderful. I think I wish I could join you for a bit. I do very much enjoy watching “While You Were Sleeping.” and frosting cookies with others. I am sorry Danica will be missing. I hope you enjoy yourselves. Merry Christmas. 🙂

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