i’m old enough that i come home for christmas. weird.

i’ve spent the last day pouring over my mumsie’s yearbook looking at 70’s fashion. i found out that what my mom wore as a senior in high school resembles my wardrobe all too closely. weird.

i’ve watched Devil Wears Prada twice in the last week and a half.  weird.

i return to Germany in a week. i might be there for eight straight months before coming home again. weird.

i’ve had a justin timberlake song stuck in my head all day. weird.

i absolutely hate this entry, but am still writing because i feel horrid that it’s been so long since i wrote. weird.

– – –


to try to redeem this rather sad and pathetic entry, i’ve stayed up until 1:00 am sorting through and uploading pictures so you can see a bit of what this time of the year is like in this house. weird.

6 thoughts on “weird

  1. one week– and then gone?!! but, but we waited so long for you to come home!!

    thanks for the pics. made me feel a little less sad to have missed it all.

  2. do you like Devil Wears Prada? i thought it looked interesting but heard it wasn’t that good.

    i love the pictures, and hope to talk to you soon. love you. =)

  3. thanks for sharing all of that. makes me miss you and your fam. a lot. rick and i would like to get up there at some point. i wanna see Prada too…been wanting to since it came out…don’t think i have time to see it w/MY sis b4 she leaves. it’s nice to read your blog and look at pics…thank you so much.

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