my answer

i told him i needed to talk to him and he smiled.  he knew what it was about and told me to meet him in his office.  he called me “larissa” and then we both laughed — i guess it’s my school name.  we sat down and he made some joke that i didn’t get, but i knew i was supposed to laugh so i did (this seems to be my lot in life).

“so louissa, what have you decided?”

“i’m going to stay.”

i told him yes tonight.  yes to eight months and yes to spending five months on staff here.  my heart didn’t constrict like i thought it would and i didn’t get any nervous funny feeling in my stomach.  he asked if was excited and i was actually able to say yes without lying.  he said that he was thrilled and excited about my staying (i think that helped me a little bit).


4 thoughts on “my answer

  1. sometimes i dion’t get jokes either and just laugh. i’m excited for you. i hope you have a fun time. i think you will. 🙂

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