i left with two suitcases and brought one to the school.  the other is somewhere between syracuse and friedrichshafen (they aren’t really sure about the location at this point), but that’s okay. 

i’m here and am in need of a nap and shower so even though i was going to sit here and write something profound, check out other blogs, and respond to emails, i think i’ll be logging off and heading upstairs.  sorry this isn’t longer.

4 thoughts on “here

  1. I can’t believe you’re already there.

    And I can’t believe how many days we have to live before we see you again.

    But mostly, I can’t believe how good God is. He surely has a plan for your life–and I love watching it unfold before your eyes!

    Love you and miss you already…

  2. when i read this , i was reminded that your not just five minutes away in that cute little house with a red roof, your not waiting there in my second ” home,” but in a foreign country hours away…

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