there is a black piece of luggage somewhere out there waiting for a red haired girl to find it.  it is a completely unmarked piece of luggage because it’s owner can be rather ditzy at times (a nicer way of saying she’s rather irresponsible, but don’t worry — at this very second she’s beating herself up over being so stupid).  it has most of this girls winter and summer wardrobe in it as well as some certain hair products that she really misses.  her face is getting rather dry because she doesn’t have her regular lotion she uses.  it’s getting rather old to have to wear the same few articles of clothing and wash them as often as she can.

not to mention, she’s supposed to leave for the weekend on thursday and doesn’t really have anything to pack right now.

if you happen to see this black piece of luggage, let me know.  i’ll be sure to let this girl know and i’m sure she’d love you forever (and maybe even bring you something back from deutschland).

: )

4 thoughts on “needed

  1. aww, what a bummer!

    we miss you so much already! maybe you’ll have to take a quick trip home to get more clothes?? 🙂

  2. haha i love danica’s comment and agree with every word…
    i would go crazy if i lost my luggage with my cloths and products in them, i hope you find it soon!!

  3. Hi Louissa,
    We would like to come for a visit during school. Christian wants to show me around the place and sit in on some classes.

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