my weekend

i stole the pastor’s keys thinking they were from my group.

i got stuck in a men’s bathroom stall because of all the men surrounding me.

i was told to be quiet (again) by an older woman who i don’t know.

one pastor forced every kind of disgusting cookie down my throat all because he thought my german was funny. 

he then bought a “Drunken Cake” for me and i don’t think there is another cake as horrible as that one.

our meal on friday night was inspired by me and everyone from bodenseehof hated me for it.  the pastor, with much excitement, prepared sauerkraut with our meal.  i hate sauerkraut and it was for me.

while i was using another restroom one of the guys overheard a german girl come out of the bathroom and complain about the loud americans.  he then stood in the boys bathroom and listened to every word that came out of my mouth.

bottom line: bodenseehof loves me.  german culture and food hates me.

– – –

i went to a party this weekend.  my host family took the three girls who stayed with them out saturday night to where their two boys were playing in a band.  first, we went far too fast driving there (don’t actually ask me how fast) and then the father, who was driving, got a ticket. 

but that’s not really the story.  we pulled up to this place and we walked through this alley with young punks everywhere smoking who knows what and drinking.  we went through this small doorway and started walking down into the basement of an old building.  before we were let in they searched our bags for cigarettes or alcohol and after paying our hands were stamped.  the minute i stepped into the room i knew i was out of place.  the band that was playing was this strange combination of hard rock/punk and they were screaming the whole time.  the young people there looked extremely punk and i stuck out like a sore thumb in my little pea coat and trouser styled jeans.

the strobe light played games with my eyes while i watched the mosh pit happening in the center of the room.  cigarette smoke filled this large old basement and the air was stale.  to top it off, one of the last songs was quite… bush and white house hating and one of the boys i went to see came over (he wasn’t playing anymore) to laugh about it with me and make sure that i wasn’t a bush lover.  i smiled politely and said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but i personally like my president. 

he then went back and joined the mosh pit.

– – –

she is my favorite.  she just is.  she’d be your favorite too if you knew her.  i told her that i’ll be at her house all summer and she said that’s perfectly fine.  i showed her keith urban and my favorite fergie song and she liked them lots.  she teaches me funny german phrases and makes fun of the way my english sounds.  she’s wonderful.

4 thoughts on “my weekend

  1. International bush hating you have got to love it. I’m sorry about you r clothes are there even any boutiques around where you can buy new stuff?

  2. I sat with Bradley on my lap and enjoyed viewing your Flikr photos as a slideshow. It was great to look and see where you’ve been, who you’ve been with, and all you’ve been through these past few months. Only thing, Bradley was struck by the photo of you sleeping on your Bible. He shouted, “OH, NO! Is that a bad girl?!” I calmly answered NO. So, for the next ten minutes he proceeded to ask me who it was in the photo and why she was being a bad girl, etc. etc. Do you want the name of my independently wealthy young cousin who lives in downtown Munich and drives the high-end Mercedes?

  3. Hello Louissa! It sounds like you’re having an interesting time back in Germany. Well, Lexi and I are sitting here in study hall (fortunately wordpress is a site they haven’t blocked yet) and we were just wondering if you ever got your suitcase back.
    Hope everything is going well.
    Love you Louissa!! :-]

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