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sometimes i get so riled up.  things make me mad and i’m not sure if it’s good thing.  i know there’s “righteous anger” but i’m thinking that usually my anger isn’t so righteous.  it’s so hard to love everyone — especially when they’re so obviously against God’s principals.

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being here has been stretching and in more than one way.  during my time at Bodenseehof i have had to sing/play so much music.  most of it was not good — most of it i was cringing the whole time that i performed.  the only thing i chose to do myself was sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

but i’ve been asked, have said yes, and then butchered the song Killing Me Softly.  i’ve been asked to accompany for songs that i should never have said yes to since i didn’t know what i was doing.  i had to play for a girl singing some Traditional Philippino songs, played while a foursome sang a Mariah Carey christmas song, and was forced to try my hand out at jazz piano with a Norah Jones piece.  it was terrible.  why i said yes i’ll never know.  i’ve been asked to join songs an hour before performances, didn’t know the songs, so ended up fishing around for harmonies and really ruining the whole thing.

now i’ve been asked to try completely different things.  someone asked me to sing The Cranberries song, Zombie, and i’m perfectly terrible at it.  have you ever tried singing with an accent you’re not very familiar with and then trying to do strange yodeling type things vocally?  i’m also supposed to learn some 50’s song, dress up like a good girl who falls for the bad boy (can we say Grease anyone?).

and to top it off.  i was asked to sing a Point of Grace song for our event tonight.  it includes us using a track to sing with and singing “woah-woah!” while modulating and i just feel like the biggest idiot ever.

yeah, this is fun.  and so humbling.  it appears that louissa isn’t good at everything.

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  1. Louissa — I would give a lot to hear you sing anything. I miss you so much. I told someone yesterday that you were my sanity – the balance in my life.

    Haha. A little extreme, but still.

    Sorry I couldn’t come see you this past month.

  2. beans – today i walked to the lake and walked along the shore. there was a storm today and my Bodensee looked a bit more like the sea than a large lake. it was beautiful. blue, grey, and green and the waves were big. the wind was strong, but all i needed was a hoodie to keep me warm. you would have liked it.

    wish you could’ve walked with me.

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