i had mail in my mailbox three times this past week (which is really quite astounding).  the first was from a friend in her own little German town in the dear States (have i mentioned that i’m near the first Ulm?).  the second came in a red envelope and had a picture of a grumpy red-headed girl on it.  there was a letter, a real letter in my mumsie’s wonderful handwriting just for me.  and then the day that i was pitting cherries came another card.  this one had a picture of anne and diana, the kindred spirits, and it was sent from my bosom buddy from bodenseehof.  someday i’ll go to calgary and visit my darling janel.

the package i had hoped would be home in time for father’s day is offically amazingly late.  no, i haven’t even sent it yet.  hopefully this afternoon i’ll make it to the post office.

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