i’m still here.  sorry there isn’t much being written.

life continues.

i slept until noon today.  i guess my alarm doesn’t really work anymore.

i’ve watched the sun go down the past two nights.  the first was sitting in a canoe in the middle of the lake.  everything was pink and orange and blue and grey and everything wonderful and i wished i had my camera.  then my canoe was tipped and i was very glad i didn’t have my camera.  tonight we packed ten people into the van.  we listened to country music and heard songs we’ve never heard before.  we climbed a tower at the top of a hill where we could see the entirety of the lake.  it was so lovely.

i only have a few more Konfi groups coming and then my schedule changes.  i think i’ll miss it.

we went and saw pirates 3 the other night.  the lives we lead here are very… small.  needless to say the excitement of being in a theater was too much for us to handle.  american music played before the movie, the seats were red like they should be in any respectable establishment, and the screen was wonderfully big.  i ate peanut m&m’s and felt like i was home and it was so wonderful.

i saw a modern church today.  well, you know.  a church building that wasn’t built in the 16th century.  it made me think of home again.  i like things that remind me of america.  like all these crazy americans that are in the office right now.

i wish you could know everyone here.  i wish you could see the lake and everything that is home to me right now.  i just wish that you could be part of my world here.  you wanna visit?

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  1. I want to meet everyone there. I want to see the lake that you love so much. I want to be apart of your world all the way over there. I want to visit.

    Bri and I were just saying that it feels as though you have been gone for a very, very long time. When did a year turn into an eternity?

    And clearly you have been gone a while. Your “city” sister is indeed taking care of cows, goes on 4-wheeling rides as often as possible, would rather sit outside on the grass than in a “posh” restaurant, and likes water better than any other kind of beverage.

    You have been gone too long. I am deteriorating!

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