it’s 6:00 and i’m still in my office chair, at my desk, staring at my computer. i have an office job, did you know that? i have a nice job. i work with nice people. and the computer i use looks nice but is currently not working quite so nicely. oh well. we’ll work on that later.

i’m taking a break because my brain feels fuzzy and tells me that i’ve been typing and thinking and searching for communion bread plates for far too long and i feel ready to take a break. i’m now writing because although my body would benefit more from my walking outside for a few minutes, in reality, my body has gotten used to this sitting position and getting up sounds like way too much work.

i’ve been looking at new cameras. and looking at ways to fix my camera. i’d be better off fixing. i find myself distracted by all the better and more expensive cameras instead of looking into a comparable one.

i have blonde hair. no really, i do. “why?” you ask. “why not?” i say. besides, gwen stefani is the coolest and she has blonde hair.

i have marked more than 50 comments as spam today. why is it that every gambling site online feels the need to advertise on my site? when i want to feel really, really loved, i pretend that all those comments were from real people. that would be lovely.

i love being back with my family.

5 thoughts on “break

  1. The blond hair is lovely! 🙂

    My first thought, looking at the picture, was, “Merrick! Put your seatbelt on correctly!” Yeah, I’m totally a mom.

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