“is that my voice?”

after a long afternoon of dealing with phones (i’m just not very good with anything that involves cords, buttons, phone lines, and electricity) i got home and said to my sisters, “hey guys! guess whose voice you hear when you leave a message at church now?!”

they both just looked at me and said, “oh no.”

i couldn’t have said it better myself.

why didn’t you ever tell me that i have the most unusual and ugly accent that combines every other accent i’ve ever heard? that means that i drawl certain letters like southerners, pronounce “r’s” very harshly like those i’m surrounded by at this present time (sorry north country folks — you just say words like “colbert” and “wal-mart” very funny), and forget to say all my “L’s” like those from Western PA?

(i have nothing against accents, it’s just the combination of all of them that produces such a horrific sound.)
and now it’s recorded for everyone to hear when they call Christian Fellowship Center.

wonderful. just wonderful.

3 thoughts on ““is that my voice?”

  1. oh my, that was the funniest post ive read in a long time.
    maybe because i was just talking to someone about mixing accents. i dunno. it was just funny. 🙂

  2. So- you must at least tell me if any of my crew was involved in the mischief this morning. Becky and I go ’round and ’round about this. My kids could tell her “no” to her face, kick her in the shin, and she would never tell me.

    As a mom, I like to know.

  3. I love your voice. All of you Sinclair girls have a slight accent and I think it’s both pretty and unique.

    P.S. I despise my voice. If you ever call here and we don’t pick up, guess who you will hear, on the answering machine…? 😉

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