devoted (to the same style) sisters

i came downstairs this morning and heard a sister compliment me on what i was wearing. thinking it a bit odd since khaki’s aren’t that spectacular i turned to her to say something to that affect. it was then that i found myself facing the sister who is so generous with compliments only to realize that we were almost identically dressed.

funny. and we hadn’t even planned it!

nope, we’re not sisters at all.

. . .

< edit >

my little boy, merrick man, saw the last sentence i had written for this post and was quite put out that i would say something like that!  the following conversation ensued:

merrick:  you and liana are sisters!
me:  yup, i was being sarcastic though.
merrick:  oh.
me:  do you know what that means?
merrick:  yeah, sarcastic means that you were lying.

i’m such a great older sister.

2 thoughts on “devoted (to the same style) sisters

  1. haha. I love conversations with Merrick. He is so black and white.

    as for your matching outfits – way to go. khakis, old navy wife beaters and scarves have now been tagged as the Sinclair style. thanks for that. 🙂

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