my life

it’s early. must children wake up so early?

the small red head cuddles up against my arm every few minutes and says something. i don’t understand most of his “words” so i smile and say, “really, jack?” the princess on my other side likes to touch my hand and make sure i’m watching the exciting parts of Larry Boy and the Yodelnapper. trust me, it’s a thrilling film.

the other day i decided i must have looked like i’m a freak. i wore my heels and a dress coat trimmed with fur. i drove a blue mini-van while listening to bob marley. and once again, i couldn’t figure out how the pump worked at the gas station to save my life. there were cars in line for gas and instead of going inside and asking for help i simply got back in my vehicle, drove away, and said to myself, “there’s gotta be another gas station around here that’s easier to use.”

i’m going away for a long weekend. and even though my throat feels horrid and i’m rather stuffed up at this present moment, i’m looking forward to it. a wedding, staying with people i haven’t seen in years, christmas shopping… yes, wonderful.

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