in the ra-cha-cha

there is not a better feeling in the world than to be sitting in a bed which is in the house of people who simply adore you (or at least fake their affection very well). they made me tea and made sure there was lots of honey so my cold will go away, they talked with us for hours past their bedtime (they’ll be getting up much earlier than my sister and i), and he pulled out his nifty cell phone and took a picture of us sitting on the couch.

she was worried we’d be too cold and made sure there were many extra blankets. “girls, there’s juice in the fridge if you want some,” she said as she went upstairs to bed. he left the room in triumph saying, “i got a hug from louissa!” it’s been years since he’s received one of those (he says that i was “knee high” when they last saw me) and you know — hugs from me are super special.

i am simply loving my life right now.

2 thoughts on “in the ra-cha-cha

  1. Oh, Louissa, we certainly don’t have to “fake” loving you – we really DO love you!! It was wonderful to have you and Carina here and we hope you will stay here whenever you’re in town.

  2. hugs from you really are super special! I’ve always looked fwd to them, and in our recent visit, I was especially happy and honored to have one from you, dear Louissa. I felt so special, so welcome and so loved. really and truly. i really did. thank you.

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