12:30pm and just starting

it’s 12:30pm and i have yet to cross the threshold of the hotel door that marks the end of my room and the beginning of the long hall.  and i don’t really mind.

a few chapters of Job read.  a lengthy journal entry recording all my real thoughts that cover the last few weeks.  eating cheese curds, crackers, and a piece of pizza for my own little “brunch”.  a long hot shower while reveling in the fact that i have nothing to do today.

all the while i listened to her.  she’s my favorite.  she’s real, she’s honest, and she loves Jesus.  her song played in the background of the slide show at church last week.  it played because that was my song last week and she loves her as well and i knew, i just knew, that it was the right song.  and since some mentioned it, i thought i’d send you to a link where you’re able to listen to it anytime you want.

3 thoughts on “12:30pm and just starting

  1. Louissa,
    You are such a sweet girl, you truly bless my
    heart just to know how much you love the Lord.
    Just being around you a person cannot help
    but to be joyful. You carry the joy of the Lord where ever you are. Your smile is contagious.
    I am sure all of these things are because of the
    Jesus in you. Keep serving him well honey.

    In Him
    Mrs. LaFaver(Connie)

  2. ~ I can’t find cheese curds anywhere down here. I was just shopping yesterday and wishing I could buy some.

    ~I like finding out about new music. Thanks for passing the link along. Lore has always had good taste in music!

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