see. i got skills.

who says i’m not good at anything?

i almost hit a deer last night. seriously, this was the closest i’ve ever been to hitting one of these annoying jump-in-the-road-whenever animals. don’t worry, my amazing driving skills saved us. just like they kept us safe this past tuesday when the van was swerving and not stopping because it didn’t like the snow very much.

that’s right. i just claimed to have amazing driving skills. i might go the speed of a grandma, but you can’t complain. i’ve never received a ticket or been in any sort of accident (we’ll ignore the fact that i’ve only had my license for a little over two years and i was abroad for one of those).

2 thoughts on “see. i got skills.

  1. Louissa,
    I am proud of you that you haven’t gotten any tickets since you
    have had your license. So many of the young ones have, sad to
    say. I want to challenge you, I am now 50, yes it is true I hit the
    magical wonder half of a century. To join your crowd, I have not ever had a ticket either, I am quite serious. It is because of have
    not earned one but I have not ever had a ticket. Lets see if you do that hon. Keep up the good work, Hey, if you want deer meet you can get you hunting license and join your dad.hahaha

  2. ok so it took me half a paragraph to realize you wern’t talking about shooting a deer but rather a colission or the lack there of.

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