a new year.

it’s the second day in the first month of this year.  this makes me think that i should be writing something intellectually stimulating about my resolutions for this year, what i’ve learned from this past year, and what i want to see in this coming season. 

but i’m not.

i will let you know that the Lord decided to have me swallow my pride today when by 9:30am i found myself sitting in a car realizing that by that point i had already managed to:

a.) sleep through my alarm (causing much stress as i tried to ready myself for my day in a few minutes)

b.) fall in the middle of a parking lot in front of three out-of-towners from the ridiculous ice and snow that currently surrounds us (causing a very sore hip for the rest of the day and… well, some pride that might have been embarrassed)

c.) having to admit that i don’t know my social security number (causing much surprise from those i was with and many questions as to how i’ve traveled abroad for a year, worked, filled out paperwork, opened my own bank account — all while having to look up the silly little number the government knows me by each time)

d.) not being able to get a car to go in reverse (causing more humiliation while i stood in the cold to watch a boy back up the said vehicle — sinclair girls are supposed to be as good as boys behind the wheel)

e.) being horrible in awkward situations (causing my friend to not be able to open a bank account because i didn’t suggest all the things i could have suggested because i get tongue-tied)

f.) and knowing i had to tell my Mumsie that i had messed up a situation and she would need to patch it up because she’s just that amazing (causing me to once again deal with my wounded pride since i don’t always know what i’m doing)

yes.  that was 9:30am.  we don’t really need to continue with the day.  you could be here for a very, very long time.

– – –

since some of you aren’t as ridiculousy into facebook as i am, i stole a few pictures to post of our new years bash that happens here every year.  seriously, it was a marvelous evening.

two beautiful ladies.

the masquerade was so much fun!

dj natro


even Spiderman showed up.  definitely the most creative outift.

nothin’ like a good electric slide.

Spidey might have come with the most creative outfit, but i had the sickest outift with these sweet shoes (no, this isn’t pride — i didn’t actually put my outfit together so i can say it).

: )

5 thoughts on “a new year.

  1. *Sorry ’bout dragging you around all over the place this morning! My trip was not planned well, and yeah, lol. Take care and I’ll see you again soon. I did have a great time though, thank you for contributing to that!


  2. “Causing my friend to not be able to open a bank account” I wasn’t able to open a bank account because I am sloppy and still don’t have the right paperwork. I take full responsibility for that slip.

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