just what i needed

inwardly i sigh as i push the button over the word “write.”  i’m to write.  it’s what i’m supposed to do.  it’s what this blog was made for.  and i must use it. 

but write what? 

i sigh some more and think to of the things i should have done today, didn’t, and should purpose to do more often.

i must walk more.  and more walking with induce more talking to Him.  i do so much better when i think of it as just talking.  He’s my friend, isn’t it?  i tell him when i’m worried, when something makes me sad, when i know someone who needs help — and then i simply ask Him to take care of it. 

but has this childish talking been taking place recently?  nope.  it hasn’t.

i should carve out more evenings at home like this.  then i can either purpose to spend time in His Word every night or go to bed earlier so i can get up earlier and do that in the morning.  it’s so much easier for me to get up early when i’ve gotten enough sleep the night before.  and i’m talking the eight hours that someone my age isn’t supposed to require.  i will admit that i need my sleep.

but has this childish sleeping pattern been taking place?  nope.  not at all.

i should drink more water.  i wonder why i have no energy and then i look at my sporadic eating and drinking (we’re talking water here, people!) patterns and i’m not so surprised anymore.  i know i’m supposed to take care of my body and my body needs water.  and so i should find my nalgene that was such a lovely pal of mine the beginning of this fall.  if i found my nalgene, i would bring it to work everyday and be a much healthier and energetic person.

but has the search for the nalgene taken place?  nope.  not really.

but now i feel rather motivated.  there really is nothing like writing something that at least inspires yourself to action!  and so i will go look through the kitchen cupboards for a blue water bottle all the while telling Him about my day and thoughts and then climb the stairs to my room where that wonderful Book sits on my shelf.

yes.  that sounds like a lovely plan.

and i’m so very glad that i pushed that annoying little button.  i thought i didn’t have anything, but look at what came from it!

One thought on “just what i needed

  1. P.S. i’m commenting…

    well you know the first step to change is admiting there is a problem so your well on your way lol…

    But of course you are write(a pun) the first step to writing a blog is to start writing… something i need remember…. maybe 😛

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