purposeless post

i’ve stared at this screen for a very long time tonight. i’d type and then like joe fox in my favorite movie, i’d hit the backspace key over and over frustrated with my attempts at writing something that might amuse you.

i’d close the lid to this laptop and sit and talk for a few minutes. then i’d pick up where i had left off — a blank screen waiting for me to fill with words and thoughts to post on the internet and let the world read.

right now i only have a few thoughts:

it’s 11:40pm and i’m tired.

it’s a lovely thing when you’re able to share and have someone understand.

there is such a thing as using too much butter and garlic. my stomach right now is proof of that.

i will never own a dog. it’s decided. no dogs.

the circles under my eyes are becoming harder to cover up each morning.

i like dancing. so much.

i’m dressing 80’s this weekend. oh yes. it’s gonna be sick.

3 thoughts on “purposeless post

  1. does that not wanting a dog thing have anything to do with spending time around a certain chubby little otis? he he – totally understand.

  2. dressing ’80s IS sick, but it’s ” S – I – backwardsK SIK”! just a little Steve Volle for ya there.

  3. So i think you should really explain some things here, like for one, why no dogs? but wait now i guess i’m reading the comment above this one and i realise that i guess that’s probably the story… ok oh well. Just remember don’t let one experience define your life choices. Dogs are way cool….

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