today i’m thankful for…

my red shoes.

nope, when i click my heels nothing too fancy happens besides giving them a brand new scuff mark. but they don’t need any magic to make me happy — i just need to wear them. i love my red shoes.

my friends.

i just spent the most wonderful weekend walking on the beach, eating sushi, watching a movie, and enjoying the city with three of my bestest friends.

my new hairs.

after much “hemming and hawing” i decided that blondes really don’t have that much more fun so i went for a change. time to spice up my life again.

summer life.

my blue skies, billowing clouds, and green world. can anything be better?

dinner with a sister.

we joined the rest of the senior citizens of this very tiny town for our dinner this evening. i got my usual hamburger deluxe (no onions please) with a side of fries and tonight i splurged. i finished that off with a piece of pie. needless to say, my belly probably matched hers.


i realize that i’m crazy and every now and then it’s nice to realize that there are others out there that suffer with the same craziness. and there is never a better time to express that craziness than when waiting for said food in a place the smells strangely similar to that of a nursing home.

baby goodness.

to adore whenever i want. just down the road in the little yellow house.

3 thoughts on “today i’m thankful for…

  1. I love reading your blog~~ You are always so transparent, I like that~~ I am going to have to get use to looking for a new girl walking by, again, hahah!!!!


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