i’ve got plenty of nuttin’

tonight i told myself that i was gonna write. and i tried. i really did. i told myself that this would be the day; i’ve got plenty i can write about — what with the tender fingertips from frying potatoes last night and working with my hands all day today, the walk that i took in the wind with the lightning in front of me this evening, and the way that i so shamefully didn’t really answer a simple question of how i am doing tonight — yes, lots. but honestly, i got nuttin’. so here, a bit of what my day entailed:

today i scraped wallpaper off walls. and i decided two things:

  1. i have a weak back
  2. i will never put wallpaper up in my house

and now, at 11pm, i’m going to eat a bowl of cereal. i’m hungry.

2 thoughts on “i’ve got plenty of nuttin’

  1. I wish I’d been out walking in the wind and lightning. I found myself in a parking lot hours after midnight last night, waiting for a tow truck to come help with a friend’s car, and all I could see was the sky. Clear at first, but thin cirrus clouds began to slip past the moon, scudding quickly along. A storm to come, but beautiful now. I watched for hours.

    Here’s hoping you’ve got a smile. See you tonight!

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