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my last year in high school and year in Germany were probably my most active (aka me exercising on a somewhat regular basis) ever (yeah — you figure out how i ended up with the 25+ pounds after my year abroad). during my year away (oh. the joy of a cheesy pun!) i ran my sneakers to the ground. they were beat and instead of having to bring one more thing home, i tossed them in the garbage can in my room and said good-bye to them.

if you’re real good with dates you’ll have quickly figured out that it’s been one whole year (wow. i came home a year ago) since i’ve owned a pair of sneakers. i know. you don’t know how i’ve done it. well, think of the must inactive person you know, multiply that by ten, and you have me. no need for sneakers because i’m probably the least fit and healthy person ever (size really can be deceiving). besides, the few times that i do decide to be active i don’t need sneakers — i pull out the ballet shoes instead.

i need sneakers. i know this. i need them if only to inspire me to take care of my body a little bit more. so for the past two months (or more) i’ve been on the hunt for sneakers.

but here’s the problem. i’m not a running shoe/athletic wear type of person. i like clothes. i like shoes. i like to look good. i like fashion. plastic and mesh covered shoes that are always ugly (in my humble opinion) don’t fit in my box of what looks good. and besides. why would i want to spend $50+ on shoes that no one will ever see me in when i could spend the money on something so much more wonderful?

for example. the sneakers i stumbled across today that are awful, but somewhat acceptable:

and the kind of shoe that i really would want to spend my money on:

i know. it doesn’t make sense to me either.

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