just one of those days.

[start whining]

you know.  the kind where i don’t remember much from my morning besides stuffing a bit of egg casserole down my throat before heading out.  the kind where suddenly the clock above my office door went from 9am to 1pm in a matter of five minutes.  the kind where my good and faithful and always by my side To Do list was forgotten about again while i took care of other matters.  the kind where certain projects took up more time than i had set aside for them and i found myself starting to pull my hair out.  the kind where i went home after work to put my hair back together, teach a 1/2 hour lesson, grab a little something to put in my tummy, and then leave again… to go back to the same place i had just spent my entire day.  the kind where after singing for ten minutes my voice was telling me to stop — today was just not its day.  the kind where i got a catch in my lower back 30 minutes into a two hour practice where i would have to stand, play keyboard, sing, and tell others what to do.  the kind where i didn’t want to do any of it.

yeah.  you know.  one of those days.

[end whining]

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