love. like. hate.

i love writing.

and i love banana bread.

i write.  i write here.  i write in my journal.  i write emails.  i write sometimes for my job.

we have a lot of banana bread.  mumsie bought a great big box of bananas for a song and a dance.  so there are loaves and loaves of freshly made banana bread on our kitchen counter.

i like the guitar and bass in the kitchen.

i like sisters who come out of their bedrooms to ask them to stop playing.

i have this one sister and she’s gonna be kinda like famous someday.  and her basisst is here at the house.  and they’re jamming.

i have another sister who has to go to work in the morning so she says to the jamming sister and bassist, “some of us are trying to sleep here.”

i hate when i want to write.  when i have so many thoughts.  when i have so many ideas.  when i’m in a season that i’m learning so much, but i can’t seem to get it out.

my brain is clogged.  clogged with thoughts.

yup.  hate that.

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