keep going…

i used to blog.  daily.  you know — i wrote something every. single. day.  even if it was just a few sentences, i wrote something.  you know — back in high school when my life was interesting.

so a few things.  just a few sentences.  every. single. day.  i can do that.

ramen noodles and orange juice are being put on the table.  it’s 8:15pm and dinner has been done for two hours now.  on to round two of the night.

i just watched law & order.  i love law & order.  i used to watch it all the time.  i kinda miss it.

i found out last night that stalking me online is much too easy.  google my name and one thing leads to the next.  i’ve left many traces of myself over the past years.

i would like to be in a warm place today.

everyone makes fun of my phone.  but it was free.  and it’s worked for over a year now.  i can talk to people and text.  i don’t need much more… if i did i would be even more attached to it than i am now and that just wouldn’t be good.

and i’ve written a few things.  not very interesting things, but things nonetheless.

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