going with bandaids and sorting and lullabies.

my brain is telling me to be done.  it’s been struggling to keep up since 9am this morning when i first sat down at my desk and now that the clock has ticked past 5pm it’s warning me that it will shut down if i don’t go and rest for a bit.  but i’m surrounded by papers and piles and plastic sheet protectors and a big black box and i hate leaving an office like this.

i dislike jobs that can’t be finished in an afternoon.  i started out thinking this particular endeavor would only take a few hours at the most.  four hours later, i’m only half-way through, and i’m ready to throw the towel in.

but you don’t really care about that.  hmm… something a bit more interesting.

i’ve been wearing a bandaid on my thumb for two months.  yes, every morning for the past sixty days i’ve woken, taken the old band aid off, showered, put product in my hair, and put a new one on.  it’s become part of my routine and i don’t even think about it anymore.  no big deal.

the big deal is that my thumb stinks.  think i’m being dramatic?  you try putting a bandaid on the same spot for that many days and see what you smell like.

so you’re wondering why not just take the stupid bandaid off.  i can’t.  well, unless i want my nail to catch on something and then rip off.  back in december i cut the base of my nail with a paper cutter and the very mangled nail has been growing out since.  we’re on the final few weeks stretch but i still can’t live life without the bandaid unless i want to risk having to start this growing out thing all over again.

ah. and i’m ready to be done with my stinky thumb.  this coming from a girl who hardly uses bandaids because she dislikes the feel so much.  two months has been torture.

. . .

as you can see, my brain really is mush.  all i can think to write about is how smelly bandaids make your body.  i apologize.  but really — you come try to organize the worship music here at CFC and you’ll understand why i can’t think.

the one good thing is that while i’ve been sorting and tossing and protecting, i listen to songs like this.

ah. and the world is good again.

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