of coding and driving and loneliness.

a few sentences for today…

my code is all messed up so my sidebar is at the bottom of the page.  one would think that after blogging for so many years i would know how to fix something like that.  do i?  nope.  good thing i have a brother who does.  too bad he’s so ridiculously busy he hasn’t gotten to it yet.  at some point he’ll make it right.

i’ll do laundry tonight and think about a prayer meeting and leading worship this friday night at a church i don’t really  know.  i’ll wake up tomorrow, work, and drive 4.5 hours to go visit a boy (ha. weird.).  it’s the going somewhere by myself that i don’t like.  it’s like eating out by yourself and we already know my feelings on that.  going somewhere you’re not altogether that familiar with and going by yourself without even a GPS to keep you company — can we get more lonely than that?

don’t listen to me.  i’ll come back and tell you about how much fun i had.  it’s just the idea of driving by myself that makes me feel lonely.  i’m the least independent person you’ll probably ever come across.


and it’s all so silly.  someday i’ll act all grown up — i promise.

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