there are some things that will always be wonderful.  for example:

an amazing brother who fixes my site.

speaking in an austrian accent.  go on — try it, it’s fun.  just substitute every W for a V.

spending your morning with one song playing just because it makes ones heart feel good.

watching the snow slowly melt day-by-day from your office window.

living in an almost-but-not-quite commune.  trust me, it’s an adventure.

the one person who i can spend large quantities of time on the phone with.

the UPS man who somehow knows the lives of us church workers so well.

dreams of the world being colorful.

friends who are happy and receive job offers and propose to the girl they love and are excited about life.

and grace.  grace shown by those around me and grace from Above.

that is wonderful.


forget that.  site is still messed up.  lore-lou, help?

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  1. Sorry…I forgot about your site’s problems.

    So, I found the source of the issue: when you centered content in your posts, something you did inserted invalid HTML (). I’m not sure what you did to get that inserted, I centered some content using WordPress and it worked fine…

    Anywho, I solved the problem by manually editing those lines out of the HTML of your post.

    The reason you THOUGHT I had fixed the problem is that there is a post that was moved off of the first page with this centering issue…The problem then reappeared once you published this current post which had the centering issue (now fixed).

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    I love you Wease!

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