this or that.

i have just a few minutes before i run off to teach some lessons.  yeah, i teach still.  my four beginning students are as many as i can into my schedule right now and the only reason i choose to somehow fit that many in is because i love my students that much and because i love teaching that much.

if i went to school i’d be in a quandary.  i like teaching.  i like being in a classroom and i like individual time.  i like teaching notes and keys and curving ones finger and i like teaching songs and singing scales and i like teaching about Jesus and Bible characters and how to use scissors and glue sticks.  but i don’t think i’d like teaching in our school systems.

i was awake until too late last night.  the light was turned off but we stayed up laughing and telling stories.  ohmy.  i like it so very much.  can visits never end?

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