i’ve had wonderfully good days recently.  days with friends visiting are always like that.  rainy walks down to the smalltown diner for breakfast will do just the trick to bring a smile to the face.

i don’t want her to grow up.  nope, not at all.  stay young and this fresh and cute forever, k?

lovely ladies for a 16th birthday dinner celebration.  we went out for it.  we always make birthday dinners.  it was rather nice to have no prep or clean up!

it was her birthday.  16.  really?  no, she can’t be that old.  we’re planning a piercing party.  she’ll get second holes in her earlobes, i’ll have my nose done, and my brother even wants in on it.  well, it’ll happen when we get the nerve to ask the papa.  =)

and mmm.  more time with her.  oh how i do love her.  friends are the best.

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