it’s been awhile and i don’t have a good excuse.  no, not one.  things have slowed down like i thought they would for the summer but instead of writing blogs in all my spare time i find myself taking long (and i do mean long) walks in the evening, spending quiet evenings wrapped in a blanket watching movies with my Mumsie and baby brother, and spending my saturday going about the north country on adventures.

okay.  so i’m actually totally uninspired.  my own personal journal is full of bullet-type sentences of what’s going on in my life and you know it’s bad when that happens.  although there is more going on in my head and my heart than there’s been in awhile i’m not quite ready to put it down in writing.  let’s wait another little bit.
i’m at the kitchen table.  jess is eating dry cheerios from a very large plastic container.  three girls are eating ramen noodles and playing dutch blitz.  there’s an amazingly boring movie being played in the family room.  everyone is grabbing sweatshirts as the evening begins.  sunday night snacks are trying to be found.

this is my house.  and i like it.

2 thoughts on “waiting

  1. Actually, I must give the movie a pretty good rating, and your big brother, Jamie, will concur. Great acting, interesting story line, fascinating perspective that I’ve never entertained or considered: British involvement in European politics pre-World War II as seen through the eyes of the serving class. Well, we enjoyed it, anyway… 😉

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