it’s the small things in life.

i like liking life.  after a busy school year (doesn’t every church calendar revolve around the school calendar?) i realized i wasn’t enjoying much about my days.  and so i’ve been purposing to once again note the small things and enjoy this season of life.

small thing #1: my should-be-sister, jess

i love her.  i do.  in fact, i love her so much that i actually tell her when i don’t agree with something she’s doing (big for this steer-away-from-any-confrontation sort of girl).  my two younger sisters are visiting her and this sister is usually off making her name famous, but i’m thankful for this little sister who is still around.  yesterday we made a trip into town just to buy her makeup.  she’s showering right now from a day away with a friend and after i’ll teach her how to apply it.  so much fun.

small thing #2: public transportation in madrid

every morning while i walk/bike to work i pass this sight.  madrid, small hodunk town madrid, has a bus.  today when i passed and the driver tooted his horn at me so that i’d stop and chat (because it’s the cool thing to do) there was one — 1 — lonely person sitting in it.

small thing #3: my swimsuit and matching towel

it’s all about enjoying the little things, right?  i like that my towel matches the piping on my navy suit.  like it, like it, like it.

small things #4: nail polish

i love painting my nails.  no, i’m not sure you get it.  i LOVE painting my nails.  right now, they are this metallic blue.  i know, i know — grow up, louissa.  but really, at some point i really won’t be able to get away with this and i’d rather like to enjoy it while i can.  so they’ll be blue for a bit.  then i’m thinking of getting yellow.  yellow nail polish is so… sick nasty!

small thing #5: the sky

my favorite thing to notice each day: the sky.  it makes me happy.  every. single. time.

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