the lovely babe

sometimes i wonder if i can love anything more than this:

this petite little babe with a will of her own and her spaghetti stained eyebrows has completely won my heart.  ohmy.  i do love her.

i also apologize to everyone who usually reads my blog through an RSS feed.  i am in no way supporting or an advocate for diaper rashes caused by breast enhancements.  the whole thing sounds rather awkward and uncomfortable to me and i’m not sure i really want to think too much about it.  unfortunately, my blog has caused quite a lot of thinking about it and that’s just as awkward.  i told my genius brother that it’s still acting up and he told me he’d fix it.

2 thoughts on “the lovely babe

  1. It’s a funny thing I keep seeing more and more pictures of you rocking the headbands… curious indeed.

    I like your shirt. it’s sweet!

  2. OhMyGoodness. She is so sweet. I love it. And it always makes me laugh when your Diaper Rash and liquid Zyrtec shows up in my RSS feed. It’s so… odd!

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