so strange.

i have more incoming visitors from the most random sites than i ever thought possible.  what search is happening that goes from here to my small, unnoticed, and obscure abode in the internet world?  i know it’s not actually a person, just some random blip in the cyper world, but it is strange.

speaking of strange, the weather has been nothing but strange recently.  before you roll your eyes and wonder why on earth i’m mentioning the weather — that’s so incredibly dull, louissa — hear me out.  last week big white bits of sky visited us, making the earth a slushy, wet place and leaving us with bodies quite chilled.  today we were removing the extra garments we’re so used to wearing and my feet were itching to be freed from socks & shoes.  global warming, are you real?

there’s been another strange occurrence in my life lately and that is this: being surrounded by a politically motivated family is finally rubbing off on me.  although i still don’t add much to the lively discussions and debates (the family tells me they don’t know much themselves and i figure if they don’t know much than i can’t possibly know anything at all so it’s much better to keep the mouth shut) i’ve been observing, taking it all in, and coming up with some thoughts of my own about how our government and country are looking.

okay fine, so i’m not that into politics.  i had to quickly text my brother while standing at the voting booth to ask who i should receive my vote for supreme court justice.  at least, i think i was voting for a supreme court justice…

i really am trying though.

hmm.  another strange thing?  my crotchety old yellow gigi was finally caught between two hands after not allowing human touch for three months (the amount of time i’ve had her) and her nails (i know, they’re actually talons, but i can’t stand that word) and beak were trimmed.  she’s now groomed and cared for, but the ordeal almost gave her a heart attack (she just couldn’t understand that we were helping her!) so i quickly cleaned her cage and gave her two treats.  two.  why?  because i could tell she was quite nervous because of what i just put her through and i felt so badly and wanted my baby to know that i love her.  two treats seemed like a fine way to reward her and remind her of my fondness for my yellow goodness.  good golly, what am i turning into?

it’s absolutely ridiculous how attached i’ve become to a 1 pound bird who i hardly have any interaction with.  it’s all very, very strange.

2 thoughts on “so strange.

  1. How about more like a 1 OUNCE bird!

    But good things do come in small packages, they say…

    I love her, too. I’ve already decided that if you ever take her away from my happy, busy kitchen, I will need to get a budgie of my very own!

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