where did you come from, 2010?

well, hello 2010.  how did you get here so quickly?  to tell you the truth, you’re a bit unexpected and i’m not really ready for you.  they say you’re a fresh start and a new beginning and everything wonderful like that, but i hadn’t caught my breath from 2009 so how was i to be prepared for you?

i’ve nothing planned for you.  no goals, no resolves, no dreams, no ambitions.  nothing to start afresh beside you.  i only have me.  plain old ordinary me with my bumps and scrapes, letting life take me where it pleases.

no, i really was not ready for you.  couldn’t you have waited a bit longer to arrive?  that would have been much more polite.

2 thoughts on “where did you come from, 2010?

  1. We will have that chat and talk about all of these things and more! I love you tons. But, yeah, 2010 — hello, hello.
    Still, a new year is always a good idea…

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