i’m a sentimental fool and always miss the things that are in the past.  somehow tonight missing is a bit stronger.

i miss friends who spent five and a half months of summer with me.

i miss slow summer days.

i miss when we were younger.

i miss when they were younger.

i miss afternoons that were nothing more than long walks and photo-ops.

i miss summer. and freckles. and smiling so full.

i miss my year of quiet. and beauty. and finding and knowing God.

2 thoughts on “missing

  1. Aww… you made me cry, you naughty girl you. Just when I’m trying to leave all my sentimentality behind. Guess memories tend to be bittersweet, eh?
    Love you and all these precious memories…

  2. How come your blog has a new look almost every time I check it out? Feeling a bit more bored than usual these days? 😉

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