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i told myself that i need to write something — anything — but i’m feeling so uninspired this evening.  i just had the most monotonous day.

big people aren’t supposed to have monotonous days, are they?  i didn’t think so either.

i have typed and deleted numerous times tonight.  everything that’s coming out is stupid stupid stupid.  so i decided to just settle with that and continue with whatever comes next.

i spent most of my afternoon tracking down addresses and getting those on a large mailing by using a PEN.  so my hand cramped and wouldn’t unfold by the time i was done at 5:00, but the good news is that i was able to work much on my penmanship (although i’m pretty sure my scrawling letters got more scrawly the longer it went).  and i know what you’re thinking –  why, when everything else that comes out of our office is so hip and cool, am i being so archaic by handwriting the addresses?  well, a few reasons:

1.  i’m not the reason that everything is hip and cool.  that would be her.  i’m more like the lick the envelope, make a phone call, ship out the package, run to the bank, unlock the door for the random person that comes sort of girl.  so of course the way i would address envelopes is not going to be hip (although i’m not sure there a way to be hip and put names and locations on a piece of paper — correct me if i’m wrong).

2.  everyone says i’m all 1980s so i decided to try a day in the life of an office worker from that era.  i wasn’t sure how easily accessible labels and printing was for those big haired people and there’s no typewriter in my office so i said my own fingers and pen would be good enough.  but then i cheated by using facebook to find most of the missing addresses.  guess my day in an 80’s office was a flop of an attempt.

3.  the real reason is that we don’t have a functioning database yet.  but that’s just boring so i gave you #1 & 2 for fun.

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