she be a knittin’ sort

tonight, other than being my normal cute self

i picked up the long wanted hobby of knitting.

i took a bunch a yarn —

yarn that was purchased and supposed to be made into a scarf back in the day when she was around and i had platinum hair,

but busyness or lack of self-discipline or laziness or something came in the way and i forgot everything from that lesson.  so tonight i told the jess girl she had to show me.

i tried to be funny.  and didn’t succeed.

and when i had a problem jess took care of it… and i waited.

and i was so proud of my very small start.

and then there was some more fixing and waiting.

BUT, once it was decided that i really had the hang of this knitting thing, we called it a night.

and now, for real this time, i have a hobby!  i know how to knit!

– – – – –

currently listening — piano song, meiko

4 thoughts on “she be a knittin’ sort

  1. hahaha…. nice. I’m glad to know I have not been replaced- I take back the other comment I left 😛

    knitting is fun, and the thing is, you can do it AND talk to friends.

    I guess you’re just going to have to find another way to get rid of me!!! 😉

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