far away far away

someone came into my blue office last week and told the coworker and i that we lead very boring lives and we should get out more.  they were sure to remind us that we are always to return but suggested that leaving the confines of our four walls we sit in for most of the year wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

i told them i do get out now and then.  and i do.  in fact, i’m getting out early tomorrow morning.

i’m flying off to potato country idaho.  i shall see jolly faces that were part of my year abroad –  i’ll even be present as two of them make promises till death do them part.

i’ve received many a teasing remark as everyone wonders why on earth i would go to this forgotten state.  i’m convinced there must be wonderful things there and i intend to find them and share them with you, my dear reader.  although i can’t commit to posting every single day, i shall try to share my adventures as frequently as possible.  perhaps after a week of stories and pictures you shall love idaho for more than potatoes.

leaving is always such work though.  so many loose ends to tie up.  so much laundry to take care of.  so many things to think through.  and tonight, mere hours before i shall have to wake and leave, i feel exhausted.  i’m most thankful that the friend i’m flying to see works at starbucks.  i shall be in desperate need when i finally arrive tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “far away far away

  1. You don’t need coffee, you need SLEEP.

    Coffee is what you drink when you’re at work. SLEEP is what you do when you go away. Ditch the friend at Starbucks and steal a nap in her bed, instead! 🙂

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