bike ridin’

i went for my first motorcycle ride tonight.  while relaxing by my sister’s new pool after a strange day at work i received a text from a friend asking if i’d like a ride.  did i want a ride?! of course!  i’m not sure i’ve ever been so excited about something.  so with a helmet and one of those tough looking jackets on, my friend took me for a spin on his very fast and powerful bike.  and i loved every single minute of it.

my happy face after the ride:

dear santa, i would like my very own motorcycle for christmas.  okay fine, i’ll settle for a vespa.  my daddy would be too worried if he had a little girl out riding around on a motorcycle all the time.  sincerely, louissa

One thought on “bike ridin’

  1. Could so see you on a Vespa! They are cute, maybe not so much in the winter but still all summer they would be great.

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