friday evening dessert

it’s right now at 1:40am that i’m regretting this decision i made.  i knew it would happen eventually but didn’t think it would come this soon.  whatever.  today’s photos:

i tried a new recipe.  it was mostly peaches and blueberries.  can’t go wrong with that, right?

well, it called for a cornmeal sweet biscuit of sorts to be plopped on the wonderful fruit.

i was told it tasted like soggy graham crackers.  guess we’ll put that recipe away and never make it again.

4 thoughts on “friday evening dessert

  1. so you know: the leftovers were delightful after my tuna sandwich today.

    also, i like my graham crackers soggy.

  2. @bubs: glad to hear you enjoyed everything about it — including the soggy graham cracker-ness of it. =)
    @lisa: i’m so glad i amuse you because you amuse me immensely. next time you want soggy graham crackers invite m over. apparently i’m good at serving that!

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