friday evening dessert

it’s right now at 1:40am that i’m regretting this decision i made.  i knew it would happen eventually but didn’t think it would come this soon.  whatever.  today’s photos:

i tried a new recipe.  it was mostly peaches and blueberries.  can’t go wrong with that, right?

well, it called for a cornmeal sweet biscuit of sorts to be plopped on the wonderful fruit.

i was told it tasted like soggy graham crackers.  guess we’ll put that recipe away and never make it again.

4 thoughts on “friday evening dessert

  1. so you know: the leftovers were delightful after my tuna sandwich today.

    also, i like my graham crackers soggy.

  2. hahaha, sorry! It looked really yummy to me. but soggy graham crackers doesn’t sound very good 🙁

  3. Were you supposed to bring it somewhere? We LOVE soggy graham crackers around these parts, but maybe not on fruit. Oh, well. OH! and my favorite part was, “Whatever.” haha

  4. @bubs: glad to hear you enjoyed everything about it — including the soggy graham cracker-ness of it. =)
    @lisa: i’m so glad i amuse you because you amuse me immensely. next time you want soggy graham crackers invite m over. apparently i’m good at serving that!

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