background fun

i’m one of those annoying people who 99.9% of the time has music playing in their car.  perhaps it’s bad.  or not.  i haven’t decided.  at least i’m not one of those people who keeps my music at such a ridiculously low volume level that you don’t know whether to scream or cry from the frustration of just being able to hear the music.


when i don’t have my itouch or if it dies, then i almost always have this station playing:

i like music that entertains and keeps me awake moving.  yup, i’m also one of those annoying people who sings and dances while driving.  as i went through town the other day i realized what a sight i must be when i realized that several other drivers took turns staring into my vehicle as i belted out a tune and danced as much as one can while strapped into a seat at a stoplight.  i’ve always been teased about a certain face i make when dancing:

okay.  i see why everyone teased me so.  “dance face” shall never be seen again.

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