a year ago.

as i jogged past their red brick house this morning, i remembered what today marks.

a year ago today was the first day of sitting in court.  i prayed.  i watched.  i squeezed my aunt’s hand in nervousness.  a year ago tomorrow was the first day that i watched as we all responded so differently.  tears came as quickly as the chaos befell for most while i stood on the side, watching everything play out before me, numb to it all.  i walked out of the courthouse saying that the little sisters at home should be notified.  and then i fell against a cold brick building, sick to my stomach, and i yelled in anger and tears came from the incredible sadness i knew a sister was being handed.

a year ago i was writing about one of the rainiest seasons we’ve experienced.

as i jogged past their red brick house, i knew that i’ve never been so thankful for the Hands that have held us this past year, that carried us through those rainy days, have mended broken spirits and bruised hearts, and continue to carry us.

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