full of my sentimental feelings

in the middle this grey, cold, tired sort of monday, i pulled up a photo from our trip in september.  we had decided to go to burlington and thrift.  i was excited because i love thrift stores, burlington, and i was pretty convinced she’s one of the coolest things so why wouldn’t i want to spend a day with her?  we didn’t really knew each other back then.  i’m sure we thought we did after months of writing, but it was nothing compared to the knowing now.

(windblown on a favorite ferry ride)

it’s amazing how in just a few short months such strong bonds can be formed, friendship can be confirmed a thousand different ways, and suddenly that amazing love that knows no limits is present.  she’s the one who laid beside me on cruel january nights, holding my hand as i cried.  she’s endured the same song on repeat for multiple hours as i say, “i just need this right now.”  and when my selfish, sinful heart has been exposed, she’s only shown grace.

and i just keep wondering why i’m blessed with THE BEST friends.  i keep wondering why they’re given to me to share my life with in an office, in so many events with family & friends, and adventure after adventure.  i keep wondering why me.

it’s what i’ve had and it’s what i have.  it’s what my heart is thankful for today.

today she asked if i ever need a break from her being so present in my everything.  i laughed and tried to, in my fumbling sort of way, tell her that that’s never been the case and probably won’t ever be.

i guess this post, full of me gushing about sentimental feelings, is my attempt to somehow tell what gifts i’ve been given.  who else gets to work, live nearby, and spend almost all their time with their best friends?  yeah, that would be me.  and not just once but twice.

and so we looked at the photos and said that soon we’ll go again.  go find more aqua buses.  i’ll wear more 60s inspired clothes and she’ll pull out more incredibly cute thrifted flowered tops.  we’ll listen to music and hopefully won’t be so distracted by talking that a speeding ticket accompanies the trip.  and we’ll simply continue to experience life together.  yeah, that’s when i know i’m lucky.  i get to experience life with that brown haired beauty.

(the long haired versions of us thinking we’re pretty cool)

4 thoughts on “full of my sentimental feelings

  1. I love this post. I love your heart. I love that the both of you have found such strength and comfort in the beautiful friendship you share. And mostly I JUST LOVE YOU BOTH.

    A sentimental comment for a sentimental post. 🙂

  2. yes, that picture SCREAMS pretty and cool! 🙂 just recently, I pinched myself too at the bounty of beautiful friends in my life. thank you, Jesus, for not leaving me all alone!

    thanks for saying hello on my blog! I’m thrilled to meet new faces, especially ones that come with beautiful red hair! 🙂

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