dear kaesespaetzle,

i’ve found you.  i know we’ve been separated for almost three and a half years but we don’t have to be anymore.  i’ve been given a very simple recipe to start with and now i will search for edam cheese.  once found, we shall be able to be the best of friends again.

you’re my favorite food.  you know that, right?  i know that i’ve changed in many ways these last three years, but i don’t believe my love for you has been altered.  i look forward to enjoying you here on a continent so far from where you originated… and where i first discovered your wonders.

the girl who fell in love you with over in germany

2 thoughts on “kaesespaetzle

  1. Most of the local grocery stores carried Edam back in the day, and I can’t imagine you’ll have a hard time finding it. Good luck!

  2. Try Price Chopper for Edam cheese. It may be in the deli section, rather than the usual dairy section.

    Have fun!

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