nutella cream cheese swirl brownies

i just made these and oh-dear-heaven-and-earth-and-everything-else-there-possibly-could-be — they seem divine.  i won’t actually know since i made them for a bake sale my cousin is having tomorrow.

I KNOW — who bakes an unknown recipe for a bake sale?!

apparently i do.  i like to live life on the wild side (you can laugh now).

i’ll make them again though.  then i shall really know if they’re as amazing as they look.

i will tell you this: two of the younger ones stood around the bowls after i finished, frantically licking anything they could.  i figure if the batter is that good then the finished product has to be at least okay!

so, if you’re looking for something new and fun, this was simple and everyone’s ridiculously excited about them.

and you never know — it might be good.

(didn’t you like this recipe review where i didn’t really know much?)

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