my feet are currently soaking in a bowl of hot, lotion-filled water.  i’m not sure there’s anything better after being on the go since waking at 7am (literally since i immediately changed into running clothes at that time).  come on now, don’t knock it till you try it.

it’s the best.

and i’m in pajamas and a bathrobe AND the clock still has an “8” for the hour we’re in.  this would be the second time this week that i’ve not been able to wait very long before putting the more comfortable bed attire on and start dreaming of sleep, and i can’t decide if it’s totally pathetic or not.

annnddd since i’m on a role with telling exactly what i’m doing right now – i just ate a spoonful of frosting.  disgusting, i know.  i’m also the one who can eat nutella straight from the jar.  sometimes i just can’t help how much i love sugar.  and don’t judge.  who knows the secrets you have.

and what else am i doing?  well, currently sitting for a bit after doing laundry and packing for a weekend away.  have i ever told you how much i love summer?  yeah, well, i do.  and this memorial day weekend i am going to welcome summer with a series of favorite things including: hiking, ice cream cone walks, drives on winding roads surrounded by green with rivers running through, and going to the drive-in and watching a movie on the bed of a truck.  okay, so the last one can’t actually be a favorite since i’ve never done that, but i just know that it’s instantly going to be put on the list.  the idea of a drive-in theater was simply made for people like me.

i also have rather fluffy hair, dry hands, and a heart that’s full of overwhelmed-ness from God’s goodness to me.  He’s teaching me how to start living with expectation again, and to embrace His blessings as just that – blessings! – and stop insisting that i only be given pain and frustration.  how foolish that sounds even as i type it.  but that’s where i am.  that’s what He’s doing.  that’s the current louissa.

but enough about me — what about you?

5 thoughts on “currently

  1. Louissa,
    Can I just say, I love it when you blog. 🙂 There’s such a simplicity, and beauty that I love about the way you write! It’s always so refreshing and just…. the word that comes to mind is, peaceful. I just love that homey feeling I get ready your blogs. So thank you girl! <3

  2. Drive-ins are awesome, provided you don’t mind staying up late. That’s getting harder for me lately, but I still love it. They are best shared with good friends, and you have to get their pizza or burgers and fries, oh and ice cream! Best place around is the Alex Bay Drive-in.

    Just so you know, I, too, love summer for all the reasons on your list, plus these: flowers and camping!

  3. I totally enjoyed reading this, which is a usual post louissa blog sentiment I suppose.

    1. I totally went to a drive-in theater for the very first time last week!
    2. Totally glad God is teaching you such a great thing! I’m being disciplined by Him right now, so it’s good but not all the exciting! HA!
    3. I think I may blog response this! =D

  4. Wow…I love the idea of watching a drive in movie on the bed of a pickup truck. Sounds like great fun and sure to be a favorite. Here´s hoping you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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