i’m just that lucky.

oh, hi there.  you want to know how my weekend went?  well, no drive-in on the back of a pickup because mr. weatherman decided to not cooperate but we made do just fine without.

oh, you want to know what we did do?  many fun things but the main ones?

well, we worked.  yup, we did.  worked for many hours one afternoon.

we spent much time outside.  there isn’t a better way to spend your usher-in-the-summer-weekend than outside.

and we went on a small hike.  there were three goobers that accompanied me.  and i call them goobers because they didn’t know quite what to do when the camera was on them and i do believe i made much fun because of this.

the other best way to usher in summer?  ice cream cone goodness!  also: please note the red, white, and blue sprinkles.  we are so patriotic.

where was i in all this?

i was there working, climbing around on rocks, hiking up the mountain, and enjoying my patriotic ice cream cone.  and i did all those with my mouth in a wide open position which causes much jawline to disappear and the eyes to become two tiny slits in the midst of my giant head.  and i just don’t care. i’m convinced of this: laughter is the best.

i got a whole weekend of that incredible goodness.

and the wonders of the outdoors.

i’m just that lucky.

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