this has been on repeat in my world for the last week. it’s true that replaying one particular track for that long is precisely the perfect recipe for such love to quickly grow to dislike, but i’m not sure that will happen this time. it’s the words, the promise, the faith. all those things drive me to continue pushing play. sometimes i need to be reminded that my God is on the offensive, and is moving forward even when it feels like things are crumbling to pieces or perhaps simply at a standstill.

Not by my might, or my power, or by the strength of swords
Only through, your love, my lord
All we’ve lost, will be, restored

3 thoughts on “RISE

  1. I like that you repeat. I liked it last week, and though I’m not there this week, I’m listening with. MISS YOU. Yup, I really do.

  2. totally appreciate what you said in this post.

    i’m not struck by revelation or anything, but i think part of me really needed to have that re-emphasized

    1. so many times i suddenly realize how eventually not much is a massive epiphany but so many times i need reminders of various truths. and sometimes different truths become absolutely REAL to me. funny how that is. =)

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