i have much

i’m thankful for old fashioned ice cream socials. and families that attend the town’s event on a wet night. and hours of talk and laughter. and the belly holding our newest babe. and a new striped dress (nautical stripes are such a favorite). and all the together-ness that evening was.

i’m thankful for this chair beside me that won’t be empty next week. and how spoiled i’ve been with coworkers. and bosses. and a beautiful new office. and everything in this space that makes it ours. and the kids who sit in the gold chairs and parents who stand beside and chat. and the tears, laughter, joys, and sorrows this room knows.

i’m thankful for a short day. and tasks being finished in the office. and readying for a weekend away. and new friends and faces to see. and a girls night out. and a welcoming place.

i have much to be thankful for. after all, i am the most blessed girl in the world.

One thought on “i have much

  1. A cheerfully obedient heart is blessed, regardless of circumstances. They stand with arms lifted in adoration at all times. And then when the blessings flow, boy oh boy, those cheerfully obedient people are poised to receive truckloads from heaven!

    Love you, sweet lady. And am enjoying you enjoying your season of blessing!

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